Posted by: valleybrunette | October 7, 2009


Yes, that is an intentional mis-spelling. Watch The Sweetest Thing. You’ll  get it.

I cannot BELIEVE my old landlord. I FINALLY got my security deposit refund check in the mail today. Please be advised… I moved out July 27. It is now October 6. Adding insult to injury they’ve taken out money for 1) Unpaid water charges (billed on 9/24), 2) Missing/Broken blinds (which had been missing/broken since we moved in) and 3) an alleged broken lightbulb. I’m calling BS. And I let the property manager know it. She of course is backtracking and saying I need to contact the new property manager. I assured her that the new manager was getting a call from me as soon as we were done. This is so ridiculous. First you make me wait 60 days to get my check and then you’re going to charge me for BS?

Nope, not this girl. I’ll be blowing up their phones tomorrow morning if I don’t get a prompy call by 9:30AM. They picked the wrong girl to mess with.



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