Posted by: valleybrunette | October 12, 2009

You Better Work!

I’ve said it a million times before. I LOVE my job. Even with it’s crazy challenges and insane roadblocks I find being a social worker extremely rewarding. What I do not love is some of the people that I work with. Listen, I know that cleaning up feces and urine is not fun and I appreciate the fact that the client’s my center serves are of a special nature but if you can’t hang then maybe you shouldn’t work here. Too many times in a day I get complaints about how client A yelled because staff threw out their lunch or client B pushed staff when trying to help in the bathroom. My question to staff if always “Well, what if I did that to you?” Of course this brings on a barrage of “Well, I love the clients” and blah blah blah. All I want to say to them is that I didn’t ask whether they liked or disliked the clients. Staff just needs to be constantly reminded that the population we work with is hard of hearing, memory impaired, physically impaired, visually impaired, frail, depressed and so much more! What’s so difficult about treating others with dignity?!

Of course, no matter how many times I bring this up I’m still the lazy social worker who doesn’t care about the clients. All I do is sit at a desk all day. Well, listen up kiddies. I put myself through 4 years of school to be here. And I’m gearing up for another three to get my Master’s. If you want to “sit in front of a desk all day” I suggest you do the same.


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