Posted by: valleybrunette | October 21, 2009

Women Are Stupid

There are some things in life that I will never understand. Currently, N is my victim. I have been very clear with her since we met that I loathe dishonesty. I feel that at this point in my life I (and subsequently the people I associate with) should be making decisions that I have no problem owning up to. Even if said decisions are glaringly and annoyingly bad. But N can’t quite make it work for herself. While I have been disapproving of her current relationship from the get go (I have little tolerance for users) she has been up front about her feelings until today. Again, she was complaining about what a low-life her boyfriend is and how he isn’t living up to any of his promises to improve in order to get her back to Utah. In fact, N mentioned that she will be looking for work because she wants to find something to do with her day. I stated the obvious that it sounded as if she was planning to stay in Utah but she denied it. Saying…”I want to look for work so I can save money”. What was she doing the entire time she was back in Cali? Only she didn’t have to work out here because her parents took care of everything. Instead she has to work because now she has chosen to support her boyfriend and hischild even though she is FOREVER complaining about having to support her boyfriend and his child.

Plus, I find it HILARIOUS that he was unable to make rent while she was gone but now that she’s back he can not only afford to do nothing but drink and smoke all day he ALSO has enough money to buy an Xbox.

I’m hoping to be a man in my next life so I can live like that!


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