Posted by: valleybrunette | November 10, 2009

Four Months to Fit Update

Ok, so I’ve decided to hold myself accountable to those in the blogospehere. To really kick myself into gear I will be posting and updating my measurements on a regular basis (I’m thinking weekly). I’m not ready to step onto a scale because I think that’s just going to upset me and put a dent in my motivation.

I’m proud to report that I lengthened my morning walk with Brownie. She wasn’t too ecstatic about it. For a pup with so much energy she sure doesn’t like exploring the outside world (at least not when she’s on the leash and can’t runaway). Either way, it felt good to use the old muscles though I think I’ll also still be sticking to my workout DVDs.

So here it is… this week’s measurements:

Bust: 48 Waist: 44.5 Hips: 51.5

Though I didn’t report measurements from last week I am down 1/2 an inch in my waistline. Progress!


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