Posted by: valleybrunette | December 3, 2009


Ok so Four Months to Fit was put on hold during this past holiday weekend. I contracted the stomach flu during Thanksgiving and then overzealously binged once I could eat again. The outcome is that my measurements went up slightly. B: 47 W: 44  H: 52

Seeing as that’s basically the same as two weeks ago I am ok with this outcome. Unfortunately, after getting over the stomach flu I managed to pull a muscle in my leg and roll my ankle so I’ve given in to the Universe and just rested up this past week. I’m hoping to get back on track in the next day or so because I think it’s too soon in the process to fall behind.

I’m trying to keep positive about the situation and J brought up a good point. Probably, thanks to my delay to get to lunch because of the pulled muscle someone else got the bad fish. And my rolled ankle has helped me spend more time with my pup!

Here’s to getting back on track!


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