Posted by: valleybrunette | December 7, 2009

Another Step Forward

So due to bad weather I rushed out of the house this morning without doing my measurements. I’m not expecting good news since I was laid out last week with my pulled calf and rolled ankle. I got back on track this morning and started the 30 Day Shred again. Man am I out of shape! That was tough. But I’m glad I did it instead of the walking.

 Some exciting news for me. I FINALLY submitted my MSW application. Ok, so it’s not due til December 15 for the priority deadline but I feel like I’ve been working on it forever. I even had a mini meltdown on Saturday when I accidentally erased half of my personal statement! After 30 minutes and a distraction call to J I was back on track. I uploaded an old version and just started over. I have to figure that this was meant to be plus it was a lesson to always ALWAYS save! Now I just wait until March 15 to hear back from the school about whether I got in and I can start applying for financial aid in January.

I’m so much closer to obtaining my MSW!!!!!!!!


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