Posted by: valleybrunette | February 16, 2010

Love Hangover

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. I have to say that my idea for the muffins went over well with J even if I had trouble with the making of them. It seems that carving little hearts into muffins is a lot tougher than I anticipated. Also, I ran into a small problem of not having an electric mixer to make my cream cheese frosting. But, as I said, J found the gift thoughtful and couldn’t wait to dig into them for breakfast. Though, I will admit that I tasted a muffin and they weren’t really all that great. Edible sure but I wouldn’t go back for another. I guess love can overlook even bad baking.

February has been a tough month for me. I gained back some of the inches I lost in January so I’ve been feeling discouraged. I find that these setbacks really affect my motivation. I need to get past this because it just makes moving forward even harder. Though, I am proud to say that even on my day off I took myself down to the gym and had an AMAZING workout. I feel sore in my tough to reach muscles so I’m considering today a rest day.

I also got an interesting call yesterday. N is coming back to California. It seems she has tired of all the drama that comes with her boyfriend du jour. I’m glad that she is coming back. I have to admit that I have really been missing her. Hopefully, she sticks around long enough to patch up our friendship. It sounds as if we’re making headway too. She’s invited me out to get drinks. I’ve already said yes so I’m hoping it all works out.


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