Posted by: valleybrunette | March 24, 2010

Self Control

I have none. Absolutely none. You need evidence?

Exhibit A: Tonight’s dinner scenario. We’re doing a fundraiser at a local restaurant so I decide today will be my cheat day so I allow myself a hamburger and fries. All goes well. In fact, I don’t even finish the fries and leave a decidedly not clean plate. Then I get home and what do I find? My absolute FAVORITE food waiting to be consumed. So what do I do? I eat a second dinner. Yes, I could not convince myself to just wait until tomorrow night. I force down another serving of food. Not even reasoning that this is cheat day so it’s ok. I just have no impulse control.

Obviously, this is a MAJOR problem on my weight loss journey. 

Tomorrow is a new day (and a workout day at that) so I”m hoping to work off at least a small portion of the calories consumed today. And I wonder why I can’t lose these pounds….


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