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Monday Weigh In

So today’s measurements are:

Weight 248 B 48 W 43.75 H52

I have to say I’m not at all surprised. I really fell behind on exercise and I ate junk all week. But it’s a new week so I can catch up now.

Also, I can really tell the difference in my energy levels when I don’t treat myself right!

Posted by: valleybrunette | January 22, 2010

Smart Words from Jack Canfield

Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life – STARTING TODAY!
by Jack Canfield
 This isn’t a trick question.
Certainly you know the answer—the person who has been responsible for the life you live right now: YOU.
Everything about you is a result of your doing or not doing… Your income. Debt. Relationships. Health. Fitness level. Attitudes and behaviors.
I’ve often said that you are either creating or allowing everything that is happening in your life.
I think everyone knows this in their hearts, but often times people convince themselves into thinking that external factors are the source of their failure, disappointment, and unhappiness.
External factors do not determine how you live. YOU are in complete control of the quality of your life, by either creating or allowing the circumstances you experience.
When I hear people complain about the state of their life (be it their problems with personal finances, weight, their jobs, or general dissatisfaction), I like to help them see things differently.
If they feel “stuck” and unable to move forward for whatever reason, I ask them to scrutinize both what is working well and what isn’t working well in their life and see how they’ve arrived at where they currently are.
For example, if a woman tells me she’s unhappy with her weight—she travels frequently, and has no to time to exercise or seek healthy foods—I point out that her weight is not a result of her travels and schedule. It’s an outcome of what she chooses to eat and how she chooses to move, regardless of her daily agenda. Why not make a conscious effort to pre-plan healthy meals and snacks, even if it’s on the go, and sneak in 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there to be physically active (hey, I know some frequent flyers that make it a habit of running through airports!).
 If you’re frustrated with any area in your life, then it’s time to take a little inventory.
Certainly there are wonderful things happening, whether it’s your job, your romantic relationship, your children, your friends, or your income level. Your accomplishments are just as important as your missteps.
First, congratulate yourself on your successes; and then take a look at what isn’t working out so well. What are you doing or not doing to create those experiences?
 Watch out! If you find yourself beginning to complain about everything but the choices you’ve made, then you need to take a step back. See if you can stop blaming outside factors for your unhappiness.
When you realize that you—and only you—create your experiences, you’ll realize that you can un-create them and forge new experiences whenever you want.
How empowering is that!
You must take responsibility for your happiness and your unhappiness, your successes and your failures, your good times and your bad times.
All too often we choose to claim the successes and blame the failures on others or other circumstances. When you stop blaming, however, you can take that energy and redirect it to focus on shaping a better situation for yourself. Blaming only ties up your energy. Imagine roping all the energy into a positive effort.
Some ideas to make this happen:
1. Believe, Believe, Believe! Have unwavering faith in yourself, for good and bad. Make the decision to accept the fact that you create all your experiences. You will experience successes thanks to you, and you will experience pain, struggle, and strife thanks to you. Sounds a little strange, but accepting this level of responsibility is uniquely empowering. It means you can do, change, and be anything. Stumbling blocks become just that—little hills to hop over. 
 2. Take no less than 100% responsibility . Successful people take full responsibility for the thoughts they think, the images they visualize, and the actions they take. They don’t waste their time and energy blaming and complaining. They evaluate their experiences and decide if they need to change them or not. They face the uncomfortable and take risks in order to create the life they want to live.
 3. Stop complaining . Look at what you are complaining about. I’m fat. I’m tired. I can’t get out of debt. I won’t ever get a better job. I can’t stand the relationship I have with my sister. I’ll never find a soulmate in life. Really examine your complaints. More than likely you can do something about them. They are not about other people, other things, or other events. They are about YOU.
4. Make an immediate change. Are you unhappy about something that is happening right now? Make requests that will make it more desirable to you, or take the steps to change it yourself. Making a change might be uncomfortable for you. It might mean you have to put in more time, money, and effort. It might mean that someone gets upset about it, or makes you feel bad about your decision. It might be difficult to change or leave a situation, but staying put is your choice so why continue to complain?
You can either do something about it or not. It is your choice and you have responsibility for your choices.
 5. Pay attention. Looking to others for help and guidance is helpful, but don’t forget to stay tuned in to yourself—your behavior, attitude, and life experiences. Identify what’s working and what isn’t. If you need to, write it all down. Then…
6. Face the truth and take action for the long term . You have to be willing to change your behavior if you want a different outcome. You have to be willing to take the risks necessary to get what you want. If you’ve already taken an initial step in the right direction, now’s the time to plan additional steps to keep moving you forward, faster.
Isn’t it a great relief to know that you can make your life what you want it to be? Isn’t it wonderful that your successes do not depend on someone else?
If you need just one thing to do different today, than you did yesterday, make it this:
Commit to taking 100% responsibility for every aspect of your life. Decide to make changes, one step at a time. Once you start the process you’ll discover it’s much easier to get what you want by taking control of your thoughts, your visualizations, and your actions!

© 2010 Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul© and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you’re ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get your FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at:

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Rain, rain GO AWAY!

I believe that Southern California shuts down when it rains. People forget how to drive, you lose internet connection, and the electricity goes out. Today, I had the misfortune of spending over an hour and a half just trying to get home. The worst part was that it had stopped raining about 2 hours earlier. Luckily, I got a new book on CD and had it loaded into the car so I had that to distract me for most of the drive.

I am very proud of myself because after that heinous drive I still stopped by the gym. I did a VERY quick workout but I figure a little is better than nothing.

Posted by: valleybrunette | January 18, 2010

I Got a New Attitude

Measurements for the week 245 lbs, B 47 W 43.5 H51

Yup, so far so good! I just gotta keep the momentum going.

Posted by: valleybrunette | January 14, 2010

The Old Girl

So yesterday we got a visit from the women whose job I now hold. Nothing really to worry about. She was just in to see the boss regarding a reference letter for school. But, as usual, I couldn’t help but feel as if she was testing the waters to see how soon I’d be out. I know she really regrets leaving the company. Who wouldn’t? This place is great if you know how to use the experience to your advantage. Of course, everyone was very happy to see her. And I’ll admit a bit of jealousy over all the attention and fawning. But at the end of the day I had to remind myself that I’m a great asset to the company. And also, there are still snide remarks made about her to this day.

Either way, it really helped me to step up my game. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone =)

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Online Dating

After much poking and prodding I have finally agreed to try my hand at online dating. I’ve met some men successfully online but mainly through chatrooms. I think there’s less of a stigma now (and less likelihood of men just wanting in my pants. Thanks Adult Friend Finder) so I’m a bit more comfortable with the process. I’ve posted a profile and put in what I hope is an intriguing intro.

So far, I’ve had a response from one person who wasn’t looking for an easy hookup. We’ve exchanged some e-mails but I have to admit I don’t think we’re a match. I won’t be discouraged though! I’m continuing to edit my profile to show more of who I am so there’s less confusion. Creating confusion as to what my needs are seems to be my first problem.

Hopefully, 2010 is the year I find love once again!

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Weekly Weigh-In

Bust: 47 Waist: 44 Hips: 50 Weight 245!

I’m assuming my 5 pound weight loss can partly be accounted to water weight (twas surfing the crimson tide last week). Either way I am quite happy with my results. Though, I did notice the first thing that popped into my head when I saw my weight on the scale was to lie and add a couple pounds! Why am I trying to downplay success? I think to me if I had added the pounds that extra weight loss would have looked even better and if I hadn’t lost as much again I could just say well hey look at what I did before.

Crazy, I know.

In other news, I am still LOVING the new gym. I had one of the trainers walk me through some of the machines and teach me a bit of stuff with the free weights. So I think I’m set for the next couple weeks or so before I get bored. I’m super excited to see what I can do!

Posted by: valleybrunette | January 4, 2010

Back in the Saddle

So I’ve spent my New Years weekend getting my ass kicked on purpose! I have done two seperate trials of two different workouts.

First, I’m going through a trial phase at a new local gym. It’s women only so I love that and it’s small. I tried out their Saturday morning treadmill class (40 minutes of HELL). I was exhausted and sweaty and PUMPED that Imade it through. I like the atmosphere and I LOVE that the machines each have individual television screens. The staff are friendly and super friendly and I think I can get a good deal for a short term stay.

Later I went with E to see her boxing trainer. I got my ass whooped! Not literally. I’m not allowed to spar yet. But just the punches with the trainer and the bag plus the jumprope really had me going. I felt sore leaving and could barely use my hands to fill out the forms afterwards. I woke up this morning stiff as hell but in a good way. I even managed to go back to gym number 1 and fit in a 40 minute cardio workout. I didn’t even know I had it in me! But I really liked it. I know I can keep this up!

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A Yogi’s Prayer

I found this on a friend’s MySpace page and it really spoke to me. I’m not sure where it originates but I’m sure a Google search could help.


“It is my right to be different; I seek opportunity, not security. I do not wish to be a kept person, humbled and dulled by having someone look after me. I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stole calm of mediocrity. I will not trade freedom for security, nor my dignity for a handout. I will never cower before any challenge nor bend to any threat. It is within me to stand erect, proud, and unafraid; to think and act for myself; enjoy the benefits of my creations and to face the world boldly and say, ‘This I have done and this is what it means to be me.’ I have this time here now and I will make it beautiful.”

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Happy New Year!

I can’t help but feel elation at what this new year has to bring. I’m excited to open up a new chapter in mylife and work towarwds the best person I am going to be.


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